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We’re Actually Different, We’re Not Just Saying It!

We know. Everyone is always telling you that they’re different. What makes us any different? We’ve said different too many times…

We’re different because we don't just stop with the service we provide, we genuinely care. We care a lot, and when it comes to the safety of you and your business, that’s probably a good thing, right?

As we’ve said before though, we’d rather show you and let you see for yourself, so, here’s why we’re different at Corb Ltd…

Our team are our best investment

We know that the team is what makes the business. We care about our staff and so they care about us. We support each other and grow together. Every member of staff receives bespoke training and a staff development program. We know our staff are looked after and so you will be too.

We’re all about saving our planet

This isn’t what you would expect electrical contractors to say, is it? It doesn’t really fit with what we do but that’s exactly why we’re different.

We have our own environmental policy in place to massively reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve already changed how we dispose of waste, what office supplies we use and how we can travel more economically around the UK. It doesn’t stop there either, we have big plans to go even greener, including using less paper, educating our team and clients on how to use electricity more efficiently and a whole team step challenge! Watch this space for further updates…

It’s not just about the work we do

We will always work hard to ensure we deliver a quality service. It’s not just about that though. It’s about what else we can give and we want to give back.

Every Friday, we take part in ‘Dress Down Friday’. Our team wears what they like in exchange for a donation to Midlands Air Ambulance. This is a charity we feel very strongly about and you can read more about why here.

We’re also pretty much detectives...We’re hosting a murder mystery night in the summer this year that our team and clients are invited to. Why are we doing this? You guessed it, it’s because we care. Fun and wellbeing is a huge part of business and we want to provide that too.

So there’s some of the many reasons why we care and why that makes us different. We know you care too, which is why you want the safety of your business in capable, trustworthy hands.

So, get in touch with us here.

And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, we do things a little differently there too...


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