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3 Effective Tips To Keep Your Home Energy Bills Down

With the latest government updates to the current situation, it looks as though a lot of us will be working from home for a while longer.

With that in mind, we’d like to share our three most effective ways to keep your energy bills down.

Whilst saving money on your bills, this blog is also based around being kind to the environment, we like to call these notes ‘staying green in quarantine’. Clever, right?

We’re now realising that staying indoors all the time is actually costing us just as much money as if we went out. There’s always some show playing in the background on the TV, our phones are always charging, and the kettle is ALWAYS on. That is all bound to take a toll on our energy bills.

With all of this in mind, take a minute to read the following tips we’ve found to be effective when reducing our energy bills…

Staying green in quarantine.

There are so many ways to be energy efficient at home, most we’re already aware of, but why don’t we actually do them?

1 - The first step to becoming more energy efficient in your home, is to turn off your plugs and appliances when you’re finished with them!

It’s a known fact that even with an appliance on ‘stand-by,’ they can still use around 85% of the energy they would do when they're turned on. So, take the plug out of the wall to avoid any energy-draining and increase to your bills.

Power-ballad singing shower or bubble bath?

Are you more of the power-ballad sing-in-the-shower type? Or the indulgent, relaxing read-in-the-bath type? We’re all for treating ourselves here, especially when that involves a warm bath every now and again. But this is one shocking fact that you can’t afford to ignore.

On discovering that the average bath requires over 150 litres each time, in comparison to a 5-minute power shower which uses around 75 litres, a lot of our team soon made the switch to take more showers over baths. And it’s a simple one to make.

Besides, belting power ballads in the shower every morning is an essential part of anyone’s day.

If you’re someone who currently takes, say, 2 baths per week, go down to 1. Or, if you’re feeling extra environmentally (and bill) friendly, once every fortnight!

Anyone for a cuppa?

Arguably, one of the many perks that have come out of working from home, is that we no longer have to boil the kettle three times in a row to satisfy everyone in the office.

However, what most of us have noticed is that sometimes when we make a drink, our kettle looks full enough to make a pretty substantial coffee round for the whole of Corb Ltd! On top of that, it always seems to be on!

Whether making cuppa after cuppa is an act of boredom, habit or comfort, that’s okay. What’s not okay is making your kettle use unnecessary energy to boil unwanted water.

By changing another simple habit of filling up your kettle with the water you need, it can save you nearly £40 a year! Now although that’s a small number, it mounts up.

We hope you’ve found useful tips to take away from this blog during this time. To keep up to date with the latest from us, and how we can help your business, be sure to follow our social pages.

Stay safe, everyone!


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