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Raising Money for Midlands Air Ambulance

One of our goals for this year was to support the local community, in any way that we could.

So, when the team asked for a Dress Down Friday each week, we decided to make it about

a local charity. With a minimum donation of £1 each week, the team could come to work in

some more relaxed clothes.

We chose the Midlands Air Ambulance as our charity to support for a number of reasons.

The main one being that Lottie, our Office Manager spent a lot of time listening to stories from her father, David about his time working for the Air Ambulance in Wales.

David worked for the Air Ambulance from 2006 until just a few years ago, he would tell Lottie about his day, how they had helped people in need, in situations that a road ambulance could just not get to, or when they couldn’t get there quick enough.

(Photo: David on the left hand side, and his colleague, in a location where a land ambulance could not have attended)

We knew we wanted to support the Air Ambulance, but reading the statistics on their

website, solidified our decision even more:

● Each year it costs in excess of £9 million to maintain the three aircraft and the

provision of lifesaving service.

● Each air ambulance mission costs an average of £2,500.

● Each critical care car or cardiac car mission costs £224 on average.

● The helicopters used by the West Midlands service cost £4.5 million to buy!

Learning about the fantastic things the Air Ambulance does, and what the staff go through

each day instilled a desire in the team to support this amazing charity. Whether it’s the

Midlands, Wales, or anywhere, they rely solely on donations, so even the tiniest donation

can make a difference.

During the next year, we are planning more ways we can support the Midlands Air

Ambulance, watch this space...

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1 Comment

Eugen Bejenaru
Eugen Bejenaru
Oct 28, 2020

Great, Congratulations!

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