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Corb Ltd’s brand new apprentices

This year one of our New Year’s Resolutions was to support our local community. You

may have seen we’ve been raising money through our ‘Dress Down Fridays’, but

recently we’ve decided to try and support the young people of Shropshire too.

Apprenticeships are some of the best ways for young people to build up their

professional experience and help them progress in their careers. But beyond that, they

have incredible skills to offer companies too. Over the last 2 months we’ve had some

excellent students join us and their contribution to Corb has been invaluable.

We thought it might be nice to introduce you to our new recruits and let you all know

just how hard they’ve been working for us.


Hope is currently completing a business studies course at college. She’s been working

hard to advance her knowledge of administration and refine her skill as she hopes to

eventually be on Corb reception. Hope is a confident and chatty young woman with

fantastic people skills. She’s a joy to have around and is always happy to chat with both

the team and clients. When she’s not at Corb or college, she loves spending time with

her friends and her dog Kiwi.


Josh is doing his first level of AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) at college so

he can develop his knowledge of the financial sector. He is a finance administrator and

hopes his apprenticeship will help him to improve his skills even more. Josh has fantastic

attention to detail and IT skills and is keen to see where his work with Corb will take him

within the company. In his spare time, he loves to play electric guitar in a band.

Jay and Aamir

Jay and Aamir are both completing electrical apprenticeships at college and are already

doing so well by putting their practical and theoretical knowledge to work in the field

alongside the fully qualified fire alarm and electrical engineers at Corb. We’ve heard

great reports of both Jay and Aamir and their willingness to try new things and learn

new skills every single day.

One of the incredible perks for young people taking part in apprenticeships is the fact

they get a taste of what the industry is truly like, as well as the chance to work alongside

professionals. Opportunities can be hard to come by, so we are proud to offer young

people the chance to get a real taste of the industry.

Hope, Josh, Jay and Aamir, we hope you’ve had a great time with us at Corb. We’ve

been so excited to have you join our ever-expanding team and we look forward to

seeing what you all get up to next.


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